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Many people alert us to the various crises that are going on in the world. The Maranatha movement seeks to create ‘armours of prayer’ against the darkness which is engulfing the world. By oneself, one feels weak and powerless. United, we are strong, both politically and spiritually. The Curate of Ars said, “(The Christian) unites all his actions, all his sorrows, all his prayers and all his heartbeats with the merits of the whole Church … It is similar to someone gathering a bundle of straw and setting it alight; the flames rise very high, creating a kind of brazier; when only one piece of straw is lit, the flame extinguishes itself almost immediately.” In order to re-awaken the fervor, intense prayer or ‘prayer marathons’ will take place over a period of two days.


We know that non-Christians visit Marian shrines around the world in order to pray for their loved ones and for peace. We are also fully aware that there are anti-Christian elements in other religions; however, let us turn our attention to man. By his very nature, man has a conscience which makes him feel that, to lie, steal, rape, or to kill, for example, is not good; but that instead, he must take care of his neighbors and honor the divinity by seeking the Divine Will. Having said that, we are Christians and we want to start by bringing Christians together.

When and how ?

The prayer marathons are held on the 5th and 6th of each month, with a preparation evening on the 4th of the month.

The ‘marathon’ format varies and may include psalms, the Jesus prayer, Akathist hymns , the rosary, songs of praise, Eucharistic adoration, a prolonged reading of the Word of God, the Way of the Cross, a particular devotion (the chaplet of Divine Mercy, devotion to the Precious Blood…).


The ‘prayer marathons’ will take place in various venues: e.g. well-known Marian shrines, but we will let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit who will undoubtedly lead us to places that we hadn’t even previously considered.

We recommend obtaining prior approval from whoever is in charge of the church, basilica or sanctuary (where the prayer marathon is to be held) especially if the prayer meeting will be comprised of more than two or three people (a prayer group).

From one venue to another, from one ‘prayer marathon’ to another, the people involved will form friendships in a spiritual fraternity. A dynamic will most certainly be created, which will undoubtedly bear much fruit.

Contact Us…

No one will ask you to commit to organizing a marathon every month. You could just organize one occasionally. Let us have faith; taking the first step might encourage others to do the same thus enabling the movement to flourish. Please inform ‘Maranatha Conversion’ of your prayer initiatives since this will allow us to chart their progress globally as well as to help us to promote them and to put people in contact with one another. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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